Policy Change

We accept high-end (e.g., St. John, Carlisle, DonCaster) designer, formal wear, accessories, furs and vintage items YEAR ROUND regardless of the season* -All estate items are accepted regardless of season

Consignors receive a 50/50 split with Return Engagement ( after associated sales fees ) Return Engagement charges consignors a nominal yearly $12.00 account fee. The fee is charged to the consignors account and taken from consignment profits. The fee is initiated once a year on the date of their consignment anniversary for new consignors ( consignments after Jan 1st 2015 ) and on January 1st for all consignors established prior to January 1, 2015. The fee balance will be collected prior to consignor checks being issued.

AS ALWAYS: Consignments are accepted all day Monday and by appointment only Tuesday – Friday (except July and December)

Schedule of Sales and Consignor Payments

Spring/Summer* is accepted January 2 – June 30  Mondays (all day) and Tuesday – Friday (by appointment only)
Fall/Winter* is accepted August 1 – November 30 Mondays (all day) and Tuesday – Friday (by appointment only)

Limited Consigments

LIMITED CONSIGNMENTS* ARE ACCEPTED July 1 – August 31 and December 1 – 31,  so please be sure to call for an appointment (803-642-3337)

*We accept high end, designer, formal wear, accessories, furs and vintage items year round regardless of the season
All items have a sales period of AT LEAST 90 days on the floor. Sales period begins once item is on the sales floor, not when it was brought in

Days 1-30: full consignment price
Days 31-60 25% off
Days 61-90 50% off
There are exceptions to this schedule:
furs and TOP END Designer purses (LV, Dior, Chanel etc.) will not be marked down unless approved by the consignor. TOP END Designer clothing and accessories will be marked down but only after they have been on the sales floor for an excessive period of time (greater than 6 months).

Season end sales may be held at 75% off if the item has been on the sales floor for at least 3 months. All sales and special events are at RE’s discretion.

Consignor checks are based on a monthly schedule. Checks are available on the 1st of every month and are written only if there is a consignor profit of $25.00 or more. If the amount is less than $25.00 monies will “roll over” until the next month. We DO NOT mail checks unless we are provided with a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

Unclaimed Checks: Checks will be held for 1 year from issue. Unclaimed checks will become the property of Return Engagement after 365 days of issue and as such the consignor has no further claim to said monies. PLEASE REMEMBER:

You may choose to have your unsold items RETURNED OR DONATED. If you choose to have items DONATED you will be provided with a signed tax receipt for all items donated. If you choose not to donate you do not have to pick up your items until we call you.

Please keep your information current for if we cannot contact you to retrieve your items they WILL be donated If you choose to change from “donate” to “no-donate” or vice-versa it will only apply to NEW items consigned NOT items that are already consigned-NO EXCEPTIONS. Policies are subject to change,

All pricing sales and discounts are solely at the discretion of Return Engagement.

“Return*’ items must be picked up within 14 days of being notified by RE.

Consignors may “un-consign” any item(s) but MUST give RE 14 days to group your items for return. A consignment removal form must be signed for any removals. Return Engagement takes the utmost care with your consigned item(s), that being said, we cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. You may track your items on our website: CONSIGNOR NUMBER (consignor ID) PASSWORD: ALL UPDATES AND/OR POLICY CHANGES WILL BE POSTED SOLELY ON THE WEBSITE-WWW.RETURENGAGEMENTAIKEN.COM. ANY CHANGES TO THE POLICIES ARE STRICTLY UP TO THE DISCRETION OF RETURN ENGAGEMENT AND MAY OCCUR WITHOUT NOTICE. CONSIGNORS SHOULD CHECK WEBSITE FREQUENTLY FOR UPDATES.

Consignor/Vendor Information Packet

HOURS: MONDAY through SATURDAY 10:00AM to 5:3OPM (July and December by appointment only)

All merchandise will be accepted on Mondays from 10:30am – 5:30pm. An appointment is REQUIRED for consignment on any other day: NO EXCEPTIONS.

WE ACCEPT: current and classic styles for women. We take all designer brands such as Dior, Channel, Prada etc.. And also take mid-range items such as Ann Taylor, DKNY, Etcetera, Chico’s, Lucky jeans and so on- please ask an a sales associate for a complete list. We also accept formal wear, accessories (watches MUST have battery and be in working order) and select vintage items/clothing* Brands we DO NOT take: Old Navy, Target, Wal-Mart, Allison Daly, Charter Club, Alfred Dunner, George, Dressbarn, Faded Glory and other like brands. All merchandise is priced solely by Return Engagement with the exception of handmade jewelry and accessories. We DO welcome and encourage consignor input on unique or high end items such as couture items, furs and one-of-a-kind gowns, clothing and jewelry.

All items must be in excellent repair – odor and stain free, clean pressed and ON HANGERS (hangers can be returned upon request). PLEASE REMEMBER: items that are clean, freshly laundered and wrinkle free not only sell faster they also sell for more!! Please leave dry cleaning tags (if applicable) in place. Consignors will earn 50% of the profits (profits are calculated after assoc. sales fees and expenses). There is a $12.00 yearly membership fee. We do not accept credit purchases from customers for less than $15.00 to save on associated credit card fees.